Arras 2018 (EN)

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33rd International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences
Arras (France) – 2 - 5 October 2018

« Genealogy and Heraldry, between War and Peace »

Call for papers


For the next congress, the Fédération française de Généalogie and the Société française d’Héraldique et de Sigillographie selected the theme: « Genealogy and Heraldry, between War and Peace ».

Commemorations of the end of WW1 give us the opportunity to focus on the links between war, peace and heraldry. Whatever we may explain about origin of arms, warfare had a predominant role in it and influenced heraldic composition to these days.

From the Middle Ages to the 20th century, from Religion wars to World wars and wars of successions, independence or Napoleonic wars, Old World and New World endured conflicts which have disrupted destinies of families and people and have notably modified international relationships, for belligerent as well as neutral countries.

A vast array of possible approaches

During the 33rd CIGH of Arras in 2018, papers could explore the links between heraldry, war and peace through different approaches:

  • Heraldic glorification of warlike values and exploits, throughout the ages and countries, as reflected in arms either conceded or freely assumed by citizens or corporations ; or, on the contrary, arms expressing rejection of violence and promoting peace values (arms of cleric, diplomats, doctors, humanitarian workers, reconstructed cities,…) ;
  • Interactions between heraldry and other military symbolic systems (vexillology, insignia, uniforms…) ;
  • The use of heraldry in discourses celebrating war or victory, honoring soldiers or victims, calling to peace (propaganda posters, memorials…).

The issue of war’s impact – throughout the ages and in all countries – on families, genealogies and social groups, on produced or destroyed archives, may also be discussed in Arras in many different ways:

  • public and private archives : destruction or transport in times of war, protection and restoration in times of peace ;
  • genealogy of soldiers, military dynasties and evolution throughout the centuries : influence of military career on genealogy (marriage and birth in foreign countries,…) ;
  • transmission of war memory in families and its influence on familial destiny ;
  • victims of war, civilian and military : from burial to census, from stone memory to digital memory ;
  • refugees of war : situation in the rear and in neutral countries, prosopographic studies ;
  • new states, new borders derived from the war : migrations and questions of nationality.


Guidelines for communications and posters 

  • Communications

Proposals for communications (between 200 and 300 words) must be sent before November 20, 2017 to the following adress :

A scientific committee that will submit an opinion on January 31, 2018 at the latest will review the proposals.

The languages of the Congress are, in addition to French and English, German, Italian and Spanish. The communications must be illustrated by slides captioned in a language other than that of the paper itself (French or English) in order to allow the greater number of persons to benefit from the content of the communication.

Each communication is limited to 20 minutes speaking time, followed by 10 minutes for questions.

In order to allow a reasonable time for the publication of the proceedings, the participants are required to submit to the organisers the final text of their communication (a maximum of 30 000 characters, spaces included, with a limit of 10 illustrations) by December 31, 2018. A summary in another language would be greatly appreciated.

  • Posters

Masters and doctoral students, as well as any other interested researcher, may submit a project poster introducing a current scientific research work concerning heraldry or genealogy in connection with the theme of the Congress. The posters selected by the scientific committee will be displayed during the Congress and commented by their authors during a special session.

The projects (or the posters themselves should they be ready), should also be sent before November 20, 2017, specifying what institutions are involved (universities, research laboratories, archives…).




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